I didn’t start shooting when I was 3.

There. I said it. It was 2005, actually. :)

I live in Austin, Texas with my wife and 2 kids. When I’m not shooting I am usually playing music, watching tv, or spending too much time on facebook or twitter.

I’m also the founder of the Austin Photogs group. We have over 900 members (crazy) and meet almost every few months to discuss all aspects of pro photography. Be sure to check out the group.

Be sure to bookmark this site to see the latest work, as well as my occasional rants and raves. Also, you can find me on Google PlusTwitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Here’s a short intro video which will give you a little insight into my work and what I enjoy most about it:



Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

  1. Gregg Nelson

    I listened to your interview on TWIP and have subscribed to your RSS feed, lot of good stuff. Question, can I use some of your tips for our camera club? We have a blog for the members and I would like to use some of your blogs to help our members become better shooters – we would keep your authorship and links active of course.

    Gregg Nelson

    Osceola County Camera Club


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