Avengers – Assemble!

Here’s a Halloween image I created for some friends. If you’d like something like this for your holiday card, head on over to AustinChristmasCards.com.

It’s kind of weird that this is the second Captain-America-themed shoot I’ve done this year. The first one.

It’s Christmas Card Time

It’s almost October, if you can believe it. Fall is practically here. And around this time every year, I start my Christmas card work for families and businesses.

It started a few years back when we sent our infamous diner image as our Christmas card. Since then, I’ve enjoyed creating similar holiday cards for my clients. Each of them tells a story of the family: what they look like, their personality, and what they enjoy doing.  And I work in humor wherever I can.

This year, I have tweaked the package a little bit and made some changes. I’ve also put up a brand-new website at AustinChristmasCards.com. Check it out, watch the intro video, and get in touch if you’d like something a little unique for your holiday card this year!

A Pirate Birthday

Earlier I posted some pictures of the incredible Black Pearl/Queen Anne’s Revenge from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Coincidentally enough, my 4-year-old is about to turn 5, and he wants a pirate theme for his party. So I took the opportunity to use the images for a ‘party poster’ (I have a habit of doing this. Check out my other kid’s Star Wars poster).

Here’s a cropped version of the image. To see the full uncropped version in all of its pixel glory (1MB), click here.

The pirate thing has been with Trevor for a while. Here’s his 1-year-old birthday image I designed back in 2007:

It’s Playoff Time

It’s playoff time in the NBA, and our family is heavy into the OKC Thunder. What’s not to love about them? Great players in a great community.

During the playoffs, everyone plays a little bit harder. There are a few more elbows, and a lot more passion and determination. Sometimes, players get hurt. If by chance any of the OKC starting lineup get injured, I’ve got two world class athletes ready to go. Send them in Scott Brooks, send them in.

And when they execute a perfect alley-oop in the 4th quarter to win the game, we’ll know that we’ve just seen what it takes to become a champion.

Thunder Up.

Blogs In The Sky Keep On Changin’

I decided recently that it was time to shake things up a little bit in blog land. I now have a snazzy new design thanks to the folks at StudioPress. I’ve also added some additional content at the top. There’s a page for Photog.TV, as well as my luminosity mask set. At the bottom, you’ll see some of my recent Instagram images (yes, I know, I need to use it more often).

And since a post can always benefit with a picture, here are a few shots of the boys taken while we were visiting some family in Oklahoma. They look so happy to be standing in a field.

2011 Christmas Card

I have a deep affection for fun holiday cards. In fact, I’m usually pretty busy this time of year creating holiday images for my clients. I love the whole process – discussing ideas, doing the shoot, and the post work. My goal every year is to create something that will stay on the refrigerator past New Year’s day.

This year, we went with a CSI theme. Specifically, CSI: Miami. That show is so over-the-top. Extra credit goes to Horatio Caine (played by David Caruso), as he somehow manages to open each show with a ridiculous one-liner. This video on YouTube, showing over 7 minutes of his poetic dialogue, will probably have you in stitches. It inspired us this year. Here’s the front of the card:

Some people might not get the CSI reference right away, so we included an image/tag line on the back:

We had a great time producing this year’s card, and are already thinking of ideas for next year. In the meantime, I’ve posted new work that I’ve done for my holiday clients at austinchristmascards.com.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and an incredible New Year!