Austin Music Composer Portrait

Artists are always looking for promotional images that reflect them on different levels. For this shot of Anthony (a composer here in Texas and the owner of Tranzducer Music), I wanted to create an image that worked well with the electronic, almost electrical, style of his music.

We had some discussions about options. We would get the standard head shot images for his promo kit, but I also wanted to explore this electrical idea a little further. Electronic music is based a lot on ‘modifiers’, meaning that you might start with a particular sound, but then you spend a lot of time tweaking frequencies, cutoffs, gates, etc to get the sound you want. And all of those variables change throughout the song. It can be a very hands-on/performance-based approach to music. When you see 50 little dials on a Nord keyboard, you can get an idea of all the parameters you can change in real time.

I pitched him on building a small set to illustrate this:

Google Plus and a New Venture

Yes, it’s been a little barren here on the Dogblog. I would chalk it up to the intense Texas heat which has forced all of us to retreat to the coolest parts of our homes for the last few months. Only now are we starting to emerge and go outside.

First off, if you haven’t yet signed up for Google Plus, I highly suggest you do so. It has been exploding since its introduction a few months ago, especially in the area of photography. The work being posted up there daily is incredible! You can find my profile directly at

Google Plus has this unique feature called a ‘hangout’. It’s a group video chat, and it also has become quite popular. You’ll find hangouts covering all sorts of topics. It’s a great way to meet new friends.

Using hangouts, myself and photographer Dustin Meyer have launched a new venture: Photog.TV. The idea is really simple: we host and record hangouts weekly covering photography. We talk about photo news, have interviews, show tips that we’ve come across, etc. I think of it as a social podcast. The format and schedule are set, but the guests are random (it’s whoever joins the hangout) and the discussion can go anywhere.

So far, we’ve had 4 episodes. We’ve talked about the current state of photography, the legacy of Steve Jobs, working with clients, and tips/tricks for getting maximum engagement on your blog (Dustin hosted that last one, as I’m in no condition to pontificate on blog engagement lately).

We’ve also had some great guests join in: RC Concepcion and Pete Collins from NAPP, Trey Ratcliff, and even super-famous (about to be famous-er) G+ singer Daria Musk.

When you get a moment, head on over to Photog.TV, watch some of the episodes, and let us know what you think. If you want to be part of an episode, head over to Google Plus and circle myself and Dustin. We record it live on Google Plus every Thursday at 12PM CST. We’ve have some cool ideas of where this could go.


New Website Intro Video!

I’m excited to show you my new website intro video! It gives a little insight into how I approach shoots and what I enjoy the most about my work:

New Website

A quick note here to let you know that I’ve updated the website! It features a completely new design with more, larger images as well as behind the scenes video. You’ll also see my Italy work and our holiday card work. There are separate versions of the website for desktop, iPhone/mobile, and iPad users.

To check it out, click the Portfolio tab above or click here.

I’d love to hear your comments! Do big images work better?

Film Composer Brian Satterwhite

I’ve known Brian for several years, probably going back to 2002 or 2003. When we moved to Austin, I was heavy into film scoring. Brian was teaching a class at U.T., so I signed up.

If you got into a conversation with Brian, he would describe himself more as a filmmaker than a music composer. He’s one of those guys that not only loves film music, but loves everything about film – the story, character development, production, all of it. He prefers writing for and recording live players in an intimate setting, which is a welcome departure from the sample-library-heavy stuff of today.

Hanging out for a few hours in his studio this week was a blast (we got into a detailed conversation about the movie Inception before I broke out any gear). It was a great opportunity to catch up, listen to some music, and try some crazy lighting ideas. I hope to do it again soon.

Big Site Changes!!

Today I’ve rolled out some new site updates which I am excited to share! Here’s what’s new:

  • Separate sites: Weddings have now been moved to their own site at Commercial/editorial/portrait work will remain at Both will share the same blog.
  • Updated Look: Both sites have a cleaner look, with larger, sharper images and less clutter.
  • More images: Each site now has over double the amount of images (36!!). Check out all the new additions!
  • Interviews: Each site also features over 20 minutes of audio interviews I’ve conducted with past clients & brides. Just click on “Case Studies” on the portrait site, or “Bridetalk” on the wedding site.

A big thanks to all of those that volunteered for the audio interviews – they came out great!

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