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Selfie Fun With Capital Metro
6 months ago

Selfie Fun With Capital Metro

Did you know that one of the earliest references to the word ‘selfie’ was in 2005? I was surprised it was that early; I would have guessed around 2009 or …
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2011 Christmas Card

I have a deep affection for fun holiday cards. In fact, I’m usually pretty busy this time of year creating holiday images for my clients. I love the whole process …
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Using Silver Efex Pro 2 To Hype Your Contrast

Have you ever been interested in pumping up the contrast in your work beyond the standard tone-curve adjustments that all of the books teach? After hanging with my friend Douglas …
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Building a Portfolio Book

I recently finished putting together my portfolio book, and I’d like to share a little walkthrough of it.

The process of putting this together was longer than I had originally …
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New Website Intro Video!

I’m excited to show you my new website intro video! It gives a little insight into how I approach shoots and what I enjoy the most about my work:

Austin Man Magazine Launch Party

Last night was the launch party for Austin Man Magazine. I had the honor of photographing Roy Spence for the cover of the first issue, and it was a blast. …
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