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The Quality of the Story

By | Fine Art, Photography | No Comments

Too many times we (myself included) love to rush into the technical/production aspect of whatever we are trying to create, when we should really be focusing more on the quality of our story first. It’s a unique problem in ‘still-image’ visual arts (for example, writers don’t have this problem. They are completely focused on story). We love to create ‘the…

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Second Star To The Right

By | Photography | No Comments

How To Shoot The Milky Way We took a family trip to Sedona, Arizona last month. Of course, you might be thinking “why would you go to Arizona in the middle of the summer?” I thought the same thing. Actually, it wasn’t too bad. Yes it was hot in the middle of the day. But it’s a dry heat. We spent so…

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Wading Giraffes

By | Photography | No Comments

I’ve had this image in my head for a while now. I’m not sure where it started, but I remember that I photographed the ocean in Hawaii last year. Once I had the idea, I started collecting giraffe images where I saw them. Some of the giraffes here are from Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and some are from the San Diego…

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Ice Cream For Walgreens

By | Photography | One Comment

This time of year, it’s about 105 degrees in Austin. Spending any significant amount of time outside just drains my energy. A few days ago, while downtown, I swung by the Cow Tipping Creamery bus near the U.T. campus. This is some of the best ice cream I’ve had in Austin, and I started to feel my internal temperature drop…

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Expedition Central America

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I have a friend that runs a company called Enzoology Education. You might have heard of the company’s innovative elementary and middle school instruction program Exploration Nation on Ellen, Today, NBC News, Scientific American or Time Magazine. I’ve done some shoots for them in the past, and always look forward to the next project with them. Enzoology is a social enterprise…

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Pirates Birthday Party Invitation

A Pirate Birthday

By | Family & Friends, Photography | One Comment

Earlier I posted some pictures of the incredible Black Pearl/Queen Anne’s Revenge from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Coincidentally enough, my 4-year-old is about to turn 5, and he wants a pirate theme for his party. So I took the opportunity to use the images for a ‘party poster’ (I have a habit of doing this. Check out my…

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