10 Years Ago We Freaked

10 years ago, I was working for a government contractor in DC. All the talk in the beltway was about the Y2K issue. You remember, right? That situation where all the computers of the world would blow up because software wasn't written to handle a year starting with a 2. Of course, it never really materialized into anything as catastrophic as was being predicted. In 1998, I was still a Lieutenant in the Air Force at the Pentagon. There, I had the opportunity to design the official government Y2K logo. It's interesting looking back at this, because I would do it completely different now. At the time, my boss (hi Jade) asked me to come up with something, and then later we found out that it was the official stamp of approval for Y2K-certified projects.

I had to go digging around online to find it, and this is the biggest size I came across. I've got the files on a hard drive somewhere though.