How To Shoot For A Local Magazine


How To Shoot For A Local Magazine E-Book Ever been interested in how you can get started photographing covers for local magazines? Well, as part of the blog re-launch, I've put together a nice PDF for you with some great tips. I've been shooting magazines in Austin since 2007, and this guide will help you move towards your first magazine shoot!

Some of the things I cover are how to find/define your style, how to find matching publications, and how to track down email addresses and reach out to them. I also cover some tips for making your shoot day go great.

Best part - it's free.

Yep - all free. Along with 5 of my favorite images that you can use as a wallpaper for your computer, phone, tablet, or, a wall. To get all these goodies, just click here and enter your email address. I promise not to spam you or try to pimp some candy drive going on at my kids' school.

How to Shoot for a Magazine E-Book


Introduction To Compositing With Peachpit Press

Introduction To Compositing Book Image 1

I am very excited to announce the launch of my first collaboration with Peachpit Press. We've been talking off and on over the last year or two about doing a project together. We'd hash out ideas, and then we'd decide to wait a little while and revisit the possibilities later. When they called recently saying that they were releasing a brand-new series of e-books, I thought it was a great opportunity to put something together.

We'd decided on an introduction-to-compositing book. To me, compositing is the last, ultimate expression of a still image. Photographers today are very good at natural light shooting, using flash, etc. But how many do you know that design a shoot in their mind, photograph all the elements, and then bring it together in Photoshop later? That's what this e-book teaches.

You'll learn how I created the above image, step-by-step. You'll get all of the files I used, and I'll walk you through such topics as:

  • Why I specifically shot in open shade for this image.
  • The pitfalls to watch out for when photographing elements.
  • The importance of matching angles.
  • Which background paper to use, and why.
  • How to mask hair and the insides of water bottles.
  • How to match colors in your scene so the elements look right.

Plus a lot more. In fact, over 50 pages of more:

Introduction To Compositing Book Image 2
Introduction To Compositing Book Image 3

And the best part? The e-book is available for just $5. I know that I could easily trick out a mocha and spend $5 on it (especially if I'm in a state that starts with CA). It's also $2 cheaper than Minecraft.

If you are interested in compositing, but don't know where to start, give this book a try. You can find it here. And if you have any questions along the way, feel free to reach out to me!

*** As part of the launch, I'm giving away 2 free download codes. Just leave a comment on my Facebook page here in the next 24 hours (ending 8/20/13). I'll pick two people at random. ***

Announcing some PS actions!

I'm excited to announce that I'm making my luminosity mask action set available at for everyone. What's a luminosity mask, you say? It's a way to select parts of an image based on brightness. For example, you might want to darken the deepest shadows of your image a little more. Or, you might want to warm just the highlights of your image. This action set will do it. With it, you can select 5 brightness ranges including Super Darks, Darks, Midtones, Lights, and Super Lights. Once selected, use the included color toning actions (or any of your own actions) to enhance your image. I use these on my images, because I don't want the heavy-handed approach of adjusting the entire image at once. You could do similar work with curves, but it's a lot easier having Photoshop select the tonal values for you!

The Luminosity Mask action set features 11 luminosity mask actions + 4 color toning actions. This action set is available for immediate download. To get an idea of what you can do with it, check out the video below!

If you'd like to purchase the action, just click here to head to the store. The price for the action set is $59, but if you enter your email where requested on the store page, I'll send you a discount code which will get the price down to $45. The discount code is good until Monday, February 21st.

WPPI Is Almost Here

I am pretty excited as WPPI is right around the corner! My presentation is almost complete. I'll be talking about shoot planning, location lighting, post production in Photoshop, plus tools and techniques for composite work. We'll also have some coupons/giveaways from Triple Scoop Music, Totally Rad Actions, White House Custom Color, and Asukabook. I'm looking forward to a fun two hours! If you plan on attending WPPI this year and would like to say hello, catch me on twitter at @ericdoggett. For you Austin photogs, we'll be doing a breakfast on one of the days as well.

I'll be having a small product announcement before WPPI starts, so be sure to check back before then!

Aperture drops to $79 online

Today, Apple launched their new Mac desktop App Store. Think of it as a way to buy apps for your home computer. One interesting development is that Aperture is only $79 when purchased through this store. This is a big savings over the $199 in-store/physical box purchase price. I can't see any particular downside to purchasing it through the App Store, except that purchases are tied to your iTunes account. So, if you have multiple machines, you might have to login with your iTunes account on them to download the app.

I'm more of a Lightroom person myself, although at $79 it does make it worth playing with the trial. To get started, just update your Mac to 10.6.6 via Software Update, and you'll see the new App Store icon in your dock.

Aperture 3 for $79 Image 1