A Scooby Dooby Birthday - Now With Video!

Brandon turned 4 recently, and we had a huge party to celebrate! His official birthday was on the 12th, and then we had the party the following weeks. Here are some of the highlights. With VIDEO!


Every year we head to Red Robin for his birthday dinner, and Lisa had brought along a little birthday pie for him.


This video caught Brandon losing his balloon at Red Robin! Luckily Grandpa got up to get another one.

For his big gift, we blindfolded him and took him out to the garage.


Ok you can take off your blindfold! Notice anything fun?


The party was at the Hoppin House in Austin. It's a big, indoor play area that grownups have fun at too. Lots of slides and fun. Here's Brandon's mega-cool ice cream cake.


Lisa and the B-Man head down a slide.


The funniest thing happened when it came time to blow out the candle. The fan blew it out before Brandon did, and he totally LOST IT. He blamed the kid next to him for blowing it out. When we told him that the fan did it, he responded with "No it didn't - the fan doesn't have a mouth!". So true.


Here's the video showing the tragic moment. Watch how he accuses his friend.

Trevor was in charge of guarding any and all balloons.


Brandon and his cousin, Stella, who made a special trip in for the party.


Here's a video of Brandon and me going down the slide:

And finally, here is a collage of images shot in the same spot every birthday (the Red Robin parking lot). You can see how he's progressed through the years.