AltF Is In (and behind) The House!

I was so happy yesterday to host the Austin stop for the brand new AltF Tour!! If you haven't heard about John Michael Cooper (can we say the Godfather of Trash The Dress?), you should really check out his work. He's one of the top wedding photographers in the country, and the first name you should think of when you think 'different'. Lisa and I are already looking at dates for a session in 2011 (that being our 10 year anniversary).

John and his fabulous wife, Dalisa, are traveling the country in an RV spreading the AltF philosophy, from how to create concept shoots, work through a session, and handle the post production.

The turnout was perfect (around 15), and everyone got a lot out of the session.

We started with a portrait shoot in my backyard. Each photographer was required to run full-on-sprint-style through Brandon's maze of terror and then pull out their camera and start shooting. The models were the lovely Shannon Cunningham and her husband, Connor:


John gave us each a minute with the models to shoot on our own, and so I took them under the deck. Come to think of it, I should have stuffed them under the B-Man's slide.


Inside, we get some tips on lighting.

Later in the afternoon, one of Shannon's wedding couples came over for a shoot. I got to make my debut as a 'law enforcement officer', but to see that, you'll need to keep an eye out on John's blog.

So go check out John's blog for shots from the seminar which should be posted shortly. While you are there, watch some videos and read about the roadside family portrait series he is doing, including the pay-it-forward part of it. The Doggett's were happy to be a part of that series, as well as this awesome seminar!