Ambassador Lewis Lucke


Recently I photographed Ambassador Lewis Lucke for the University of North Carolina. He lives here in Austin, and what I love about shoots like this is getting to learn about someone's life, career and experiences all at once.

Lewis has an incredible story (in fact he shared several of them with me during our time together). Working for the government, he managed the 4-billion-dollar reconstruction effort in Iraq in 2002. Around 2004, he found himself as the U.S. Ambassador to Swaziland (I had to go look that one up on a map.)  He also was the U.S. Response Coordinator for the Haiti earthquake.

He has 30 years of foreign service for our country under multiple administrations, and we had several discussions about his experiences, cultural differences, and the success of our various aid programs.

Ambassador Lewis Lucke 1

Ambassador Lewis Lucke Image 2