An Austin Christmas, 2008

Christmas this year was wonderful - we absolutely had a great time all day long! Now that Brandon is 3, he was starting to understand a little about Santa Claus before the big day. I am pretty sure that next year he will be flying down the stairs at 5 in the morning to see what loot is waiting for him. Trevor had no problems adjusting to the great toys and great food!  

First up, a different take on a decoration from the yard.



Festivities started on the 24th with dinner after church (which itself was filled with people inside and out the door).

The wine was provided by the fine folks at D'Vine Wine of Austin, complete with our own custom label featuring our '08 Christmas card.




This Advent calendar was made by Lisa's mother, and has been used every year in our house. I'll leave it to you to find the perverted ornament interpretation done on this calendar by yours truly.




Lisa has the cooking under control.




Lasagna-faced Trevor: "You feelin' lucky, punk? Then get that camera out of my face."




One of Brandon's big gifts was this cool Disney monorail, which rode around a track and reminded people to stay away from the doors and to not smoke while on the way to the Walt Disney World Resort.




"Once I'm free of this stocking, Joker, your mine!!"




Grandpa scores with his own BBQ plate featuring handprints of the boys.




Grandma gets a cool bracelet that has pictures of all the grandkids in it.




Lisa got me this new Flip Mino HD, and had it customized with one of my favorite shots of all time!




"Arrhh.. There be un-eaten gummy bears over thar!"




We hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that you have an even-better 2009!!!