Andrea and Tam

Ok get your laughs ready now: I see someone to get my hair cut. Crazy, I know. The appointments are over usually before the grande regular is done brewing, but it's nice to get out and have 'an appointment' every once in a while.

Now that you've wrapped up your belly laugh quota for the day, let me tell you about Andrea. Besides being an awesome hair stylist, she and her coworker Tam are starting to sell some really high-end services to their clients. In order to help her out on this, we got together over the weekend to take some shots downtown.

The idea was simple: downtown, grungy alley, strobes. Can we say 'ohhh yeeaa'? ;)

Well, it turned out that the wind was too much. We were only able to grab a few shots before we had to find some other place to shoot. With options dwindling, we hit up a parking garage nearby. This shoot was also an opportunity to put the 5D Mark II through its paces. We shot for about 3 hours, with 8 GB of data to show for it! That's crazy!

Thanks again to Dave for assisting, and to Kristin for donating a slightly-used Starbucks tea drink.