Announcing the first ever Headshot Shootout!

Imagine this: You've just signed up for Facebook or LinkedIn and are all ready to meet new friends, but you can't stand your profile picture! You don't even remember owning a pair of leg warmers.

Let's fix that. Announcing the Austin Headshot Shootout!



We are going to do this in a fun and relaxed way! For $75 and a few minutes of your time, you'll receive 2 retouched, high-resolution JPEG image files. One will be a straight headshot, and the other will be a waist-up shot. You'll receive a license to use the images however you wish - profile pictures, marketing, actor auditions, advertising, even the cover of your next ground-breaking CD.

The shoot will happen at 10:00 AM on Saturday, May 23, 2009.

** LOCATION ** We'll shoot under the trees at One Congress Plaza, which is located at 111 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas. The building is on the east side of Congress | map.

We'll be shooting using natural lighting so that each image is captured quickly and beautifully.

Have friends? If 2 of them sign up and mention your name on the reservation form, you get your $75 back.

We have a limited number of slots available, so just head over here to RSVP for the shoot. You must RSVP before the shoot to be on the list. You can also sign up via Paypal:

And if you want to pass this idea on to anybody, send them to And if you have any questions, feel free to call the studio at 512.282.7674, or catch me via email at doggett _-at-_ .