Ashley and Mark

Ashley and Mark were married last night, and everything came together perfectly! I got the pleasure to work again with Vivian from Austin Wedding Planners. Vivian referred them to me, and it was great to see her again (the last time we worked together was Sabrina's wedding last year). Silvertree Studios handled the video production, and I don't think they missed a single shot! Their wedding started off at the beautiful St. Williams Church in Austin, which was just dedicated last November.

They had a cool slideshow playing during the reception.

I love off-camera, moody lighting.

Here's a shot of Vivian and me during the reception.

Although it's been crazy-hot the last few days, that didn't stop the first dance on the patio!

Ashley's parents surprised them with a Rolls Royce to take them from the church to the reception, as well as to serve as their get-away car!

The sparklers made an appearance, but luckily there weren't any freak accidents!