Austin Man Magazine Launch Party

Last night was the launch party for Austin Man Magazine. I had the honor of photographing Roy Spence for the cover of the first issue, and it was a blast. You can check out the spreads below, but let's start with a short behind-the-scenes video from the shoot:

The ATX Man team asked me to provide a quick bio for this issue's contributor section:

Last night was the launch party in downtown Austin. It was great to see everyone together again who had worked on the magazine, as well as past cover women from Austin Woman Magazine. Here are some point-and-shoot shots from the event, starting with me and Roy:

Here's Christopher Garvey, the co-founder and publisher.

On the left is Deborah Hamilton-Lynne, the executive editor, and Jenny Lin, who handled all the makeup at the shoot.

Ketan Patel, the Art Director, and Michelle Valles, who was the cover woman we photographed for Austin Woman Magazine back in July 2010.

I am really excited for Austin Man Magazine and their brand new launch! I hope to do more shoots with them in the future. A big shout out to everyone who was part of the shoot, including Jenny Lin, Eric Kotara, Dave McLaughlin, Deb Hamilton-Lynne, Christopher Garvey, plus Roy and the great people at GSD&M.