Austin Man Magazine Launching June 1st

I am excited to announce that Austin Man Magazine (ATX Man) will be launching on June 1st! I did the cover shoot for the first issue, and it was a ton of fun. The person they profiled is definitely someone who has contributed a lot to Austin and its community. Here's a short video below from Fox 7 announcing the coming launch. In it you can see the guy, except for the face (which has been conveniently blocked out :) ). We captured some great images during the shoot and it was a pleasure to work with the new ATX Man Magazine crew including Deborah, Christopher, Ketan and Jenny as well as my buds Dave and Eric who helped out a lot. We rolled some BTS footage as well, which we'll have ready when the first issue goes live.

I'm looking forward to the first issue and a bright future for Austin Man Magazine! Check them out here. Who do you think is on the cover? Leave your best guess in the comments!


Austin Woman: Previewing Austin Man Mag: