Baby Kai

It's not often that I photograph babies. Perhaps that's because I've spent so much time shooting mine, that I enjoy as much adult conversation from my subjects as I can get. Plus, there's always the risk of getting sprayed (or worse, as the wonderfully patient baby & family photographer Jennifer Turner witnessed during our family sessions with her.) However, when the opportunity to shoot Kai came up, I couldn't resist. Kai is the first son of Sabrina and James, who's wedding I photographed in 2006. I met them shortly after photographing my first wedding, and to this day they are one of my favorite couples of all time! Mostly because they took a chance on me when I didn't have much experience to show, but a lot of enthusiasm and ideas.

The rain kept us indoors, but we used that opportunity to create some fun images!

First up - "Baby in Spaaacceeee"

Austin baby photography pic 1

"Umm - excuse me. My dad can totally kick your dad's butt with this thing."

Austin baby photographer pic 2

Austin baby photographer pic 3

Austin baby photographer pic 4

Austin baby photographer pic 5

Austin baby photographer pic 6

Austin baby photographer pic 7