Best of 2010 Christmas Card Contest!

Wow - what a blast this year has been for holiday cards. I started in October photographing a couple families in Oklahoma, and it has been pretty non-stop since then. Now that all of my clients have sent out cards, let's have a little fun. Listed below are some of my favorite non-traditional card shoots from this year. Which one do you think is the best? Help me decide, and the winning client will receive their choice of an 11x14 print or canvas!

To vote, just do two simple things:

1 - Become a fan of the official Austin Christmas Cards Facebook page. You can find it here. Once there, just click the 'Like' button.

2 - Leave a comment below with the image number of your favorite included. Only one vote per person. Only votes submitted via comments count (not email or texting Lisa's phone).

I'll leave the contest open until Monday, December 27th.

Let the voting begin!

1. Miniature 121910-1.jpg 2. Wolfpack 121910-2.jpg 3. Stampede 121810-2.jpg 4. Fly High 121910-5.jpg 5. Off-Road 121910-6.jpg 6. Leg Lamp 121910-7.jpg 7. Snow Globe 121910-8.jpg 8. Camo 121910-9.jpg 9. Rock N' Roll 121910-10.jpg 10. Rack 'Em 121910-11.jpg

11. Classic