Brandon Turns 2!!!!

What a milestone - Brandon turned two this week! His official birthday was Tuesday, and his no-holds-barred party was today! Here's a collection of images taken throughout the week to show just how much fun a little man can have. The adventure started on Tuesday at Kiddie Acres. It's a small fun park designed especially for young kids.

Of course he cried on some of the rides. But it's too dang funny to not include it.

He relaxes a bit and enjoys the merry-go-round.

I think the lens got a smudge on it from this.

Check out the cool train!

Back at the house, B-Man sports a Heisman pose.

And totally digs his new swing.

"This is my town."

We rented a 'jumper' from the great folks at Toys on the Go!. If you need some serious party fun, they can help you out!

Here's Chandler, right before....

Her brother Clancy comes crashing down. Score 1 for a knee to the stomach!

Toys on the Go also brought a cool train for kids to ride, as well as the big bubbles you see in the foreground.

The cake was provided by the fabulous Austin cake landmark, Lucy's Cakes.

Brandon sits down to enjoy a nice sugar rush.

And to wrap up this long post, here's one of my favorites, soon after Brandon was born!

Happy Birthday Little Man - Mommy and Daddy Love You!!