Fine Art

A New Video Show!

One of my goals for 2017 is to build out my YouTube channel a little bit, and I started the process about 5 weeks ago with a new video show. In it I plan to talk about tips, tricks, reviews and more, all related to photography and painting. I've posted a quick little synopsis of each episode over on the fine art website blog here. But if you'd like to go to a particular episode, here's a graphic/link below for each one of the first 6 shows. If you like the content, I'd really appreciate a share, like and/or a subscribe to the channel. I hope the information is helpful - thank you!







The Art Wall Project


If you are a creative who is selling your photo or artwork online it can be difficult to show differences in sizing for canvases and wall prints. For example, an 8×10 is super-small for a wall print, but clients won’t necessarily know that when ordering. So, I created these three template images that you can drag and drop your artwork into, and then post the image to the store section of your site.

Each image contains accurately-measured cut-outs at 8×10, 16×24, 18×27, 20×30, 24×36, and 30×40. Two of the images have elements that you can show or hide (like the pillows and lamps). I’ve also included 2 ruler images that you can use to size your own templates.

At some point down the road when I've built up a bigger collection I might sell these images, but for now they are free! Just sign up for the mailing list and you'll get the PSD files immediately (well, within an hour, according to MailChimp). And don't worry - I don't spam or share personal information. I only really email when I have something cool to share (like this project! :) ).


The Quality of the Story

Too many times we (myself included) love to rush into the technical/production aspect of whatever we are trying to create, when we should really be focusing more on the quality of our story first. It’s a unique problem in ‘still-image’ visual arts (for example, writers don’t have this problem. They are completely focused on story). We love to create ‘the image’. Our mind is filled with color, or lighting, or mood, and often we use the creation of an image as the excuse for a particular technique. Have you ever thought “I just learned how to do x, so I should figure out an image I can use that technique for”. It may be cool and stimulating, but it’s not story-focused. How can we use story to enhance an image?

I’m going to rattle off some ideas for you to think about:

- Changing the angle of your presentation (i.e. camera angle, or the viewpoint of your artwork). - Alternate variations of color/tone in the image. Or one color. Or no color. How does one look impact story over the other? - What/who is the subject? What are they focused on? How would changing their gaze, pose, mood, etc. tell your story better? - Time of day. - Lighting. - Contrast or lack thereof. - Focus/depth-of-field or lack thereof.

storyThese are technical solutions to a narrative problem: how to enhance our story.

Not everyone who likes your story will love your technique. And vice versa. There is a subset of people that will love both.

If you’ve tried variations of the list above and nothing works, your story isn’t strong enough. If multiple options work, pick the one that best-connects the viewer to your story.

People react to the stories of our images more than the techniques. Photographers might tell you your lighting is cool. But more people will connect with the idea that the boy in the photo looks scared and alone.

Don’t show technique. Show story.

A New Site!


I’m super-pumped to announce that a redesigned website is online! I’ve been doing some major renovations around here. Here are some of the details: First up, a new look and feel. That one is obvious. The blog is now part of the site (rather than in a separate directory). This means that I can link between blog posts and portfolio images much easier. You can start from the portfolio image and check out the matching blog post, for example.

Next, a lot of the portfolio images have descriptions/anecdotes of the shoot. I thought it might be nice to tell a little bit of the story of each image, rather than just show you an image and have you figure it out. Currently, all of the images in the Portraits section and some in the Editorial section have this information. Here's an example.

I’ve also got some new fine art products launching in about a month that I am very excited about. This will be a new project for me, and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I want to ‘speak’ in this new art form. If you want to be the first to know about the new products, take a moment and sign up for my mailing list.


Thanks for checking out the new site, and for your continued support!