Christmas 2009

Wow - what a great Christmas we had to finish out the year! Lisa's parents (who live in Austin) came by for dinner on Christmas Eve, and then were over early the next morning. Christmas day started at 6:30 am, as we wanted to be awake when the boys came downstairs to see what Santa brought them. Of course, yesterday Brandon decided to sleep in a little bit, so he didn't make it down until around 7:30. Check out some of the intense Christmas action!

Tracking Santa via NORAD:

Nobody better touch the oven!

95% chance this is either Little Einsteins, Dora, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Here's the B-Man putting out some food for the reindeer. Thanks Jen F. for sending this along!

Now he's reading the Night Before Christmas. This particular book was given to Lisa when she was a kid, and it's a tradition in our family to read it the night before.

Trevor makes his appearance!

The Zhu Zhu pets were a big hit - thanks Uncle Todd!

Here's Grandpa Tony, hanging out on Christmas morning. Wait a minute....

I knew it! :

Here's an iPhone pic showing our colossal tree light FAIL.

Officer Brandon is deputized.

And promptly makes his first arrest.

O'Reilly gets some mouse action.

Here's Mommy and B-Man testing out his new wheelbarrow and equipment! He will regret getting this, I promise.

We have a tradition every year where I get some treats from the Cheesecake Factory for Christmas Eve dinner. At first, I took Queso with me. Now, I take both boys with me every year to pick it up. Here's a little photo history:

Merry Christmas! I hope you had an awesome holiday, and I'll be posting the Best of 2009 shortly!