Esther + Adam

The 2007 season is officially wrapped up with the wedding of Esther and Adam (although if someone wanted to squeeze in something tomorrow, I'm still available :) ). Check out some of the great images we were able to create yesterday!

I love this shot of Esther's dad as she gets ready!

Someone cracked a joke about who was shorter.

Adam's mom right before the ceremony.

This was my biggest light-painting group to-date. I think it came out great, even though the guy on the left is a little blurry. However, if you were there during this shot, you know exactly why he's blurry!!! :)

The cute flower girl.

Let me introduce you to Charlie, the grandfather of one of the bridesmaids. He made a point to tell me that he had been shooting longer than me. My first guess was "combat war photographer, Korea". He said "earlier". I said "WWII - France". He said "Correct!". Charlie got his first camera in the 1930's, and still shoots film. His wife has upgraded to digital. Perhaps one day Charlie might make the switch, but why mess with what works?

Esther's sisters grab a shot. Looks like an iPhone to me!

The funny story here is that Adam doesn't like cake. So instead of a groom's cake, Esther picked him up 10 McDonald's Apple Pies! Mmmm. Warm and crispy.

I've done this shot before, but what makes it work this time are the kickin hi-tops that Esther is wearing.

This is one of my favorite shots of the night. Not a washing machine though! There was a playground nearby, so we had some fun there.

Overall it was a great time! Esther and Adam are off to ski for their honeymoon.

Next up, I plan to post a 'Best of 2007' series with some of my favorite shots throughout the year!