Gateway to the West

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is an incredible structure to say the least. At 630 feet high, it's the tallest man-made monument in our country. And it also holds the record for the largest stainless-steel monument in the world. To get to the top, you sit in a somewhat-cramped 'pod' (which looks like something straight out of 2001). It's about a 4 minute ride up to the top. You can stay up there as long as you want (although the crowds made it easy for us to bail after about 10 minutes).

The way it was constructed was incredible (and here's the matching wiki article that you'll want to check out). As each pre-fab piece was assembled, construction platforms and cranes moved up the spire to the next level. So, each completed section was used as the work area for the next section.

In that wiki article, check out the 'Stunts and Accidents' section. Especially the 1992 stunt where a dude climbed the exterior with suction cups. Crazy. I want to do that.

Here are some shots from my visit. They were all taken with a Fuji X-Pro 1. Next time I'd like to bring my own lighting ;)

Having a little cinemagraph fun here.