Getting Ready For Christmas

Things around the Doggett house are definitely shifting into high gear in anticipation of Christmas. This was probably the first year in a long time that we started with the decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Last year was a mess, and we didn't get around to it until about 2 weeks before the holiday. This year we are on the ball. It might be because Thanksgiving is so late, and we were ready to go.  

I got the 'decorate like crazy' bug from my father. When I was growing up, every year brought a new plan for lights - what new additions we were making, how they would be wired, etc. In fact, we had a nice drawing every year of how things were to be set up. During my teenage years, I believe we were running several hundred lights throughout the front and back yard. I've kept the tradition alive with my family.


Here's the 2007 plan. While it won't make a lot of sense, you can see that every strand is labeled, and there are some notes for what to add in '08.



On the inside of the house, we've gone crazy with snow village pieces. Department 56's 'Christmas in the City' series has taken over the family room. I love the pieces that blink different colored lights, or have moving parts. The trick with these is to wire them and then cover all of the extension cords with snow (hoping, I think, that nothing catches fire). Here are a couple of shots I did last night for a Christmas photography tutorial posted over at




Besides lighting, we do some other cool stuff that I'll mention in the upcoming week or two. Do you have any crazy Christmas traditions? Or ones that you thought were crazy when you were younger, but now appreciate and celebrate?