Great "Contractor" Service

We always hear about the need to provide great customer service. Be proactive. Under-promise and over-deliver. All of those things that have been a part of business since people were trading fish and bread. But sometimes, people apply those same thoughtful considerations to those that work for them, making the experience of working together that much more unique and memorable. Today I am calling out Kim Hollenshead for doing exactly this. She asked me last week to shoot her company's BBQ lunch. It was short-notice, and they didn't need a lot of coverage. Outside of weddings, I don't do much event work, but Kim has been a friend for a few years, plus I was going to get some free BBQ out of the deal as a bonus, so I signed up.

As a joke, I told her via email the day before the event that I would require some things to be available at the shoot, specifically green and yellow Skittles and Evian water. It was my little poke at rockstars who make these types of demands. Imagine my surprise when I arrived to find this:

Skittles and Evian

My jaw dropped. Kim had taken the time to separate individual Skittles earlier in the day and a grab a bottled water. This is a great example of great customer service going the other way, and is probably a good reason why Kim is so well-liked in Austin and on Twitter.

So if you ever hire someone to work for you, whether it's full-time or on a contractual basis, take the time to do something nice for them. It's worth its weight in gold. And Skittles.