Have a Christmas Card You can Be Proud Of

This year was big for Christmas card shoots. There's almost an art form to it: create something that isn't overly complicated, but also has refrigerator staying power. The latter is most important. You don't want to be the family who's card is the first to end up in the trash on December 26th. You want refrigerator staying power. Here are some images from my '09 cards. Be sure to check out the post after this one about our family card. If you want to get on a card update list for 2010, send me an email at doggett --at-- doggettstudios.com. Next year I'll be starting a month or two earlier. I also might be traveling to do some card shoots out of town.

BTW one of the cards below is slightly NSFW, so make sure your boss is working on those TPS reports while you look at these.

Fun Christmas Card Image 1

Cool Christmas Card Image 2

Here's the slightly-NSFW design. If you haven't seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, or barely remember it, here's the scene we recreated.

Unique Christmas Card Image 3

Austin Christmas Card Image 4

Austin Christmas Card Image 5

This last one has been blacked out in places to protect the names of the (future) innocent:

Cool Christmas Card Image 6