Hayli: Shopper and Shooter

I love it when I get to explore the personalities and interests of my clients. Meet Hayli. She's a student who loves to shop. Ok, that much we expect. But how many shoppers do you know that also love to shoot? We're talking rifles. Shotguns. Anything.

During our planning for this shoot, we discussed several ideas and locations. I was specifically looking for ways to bridge the gap between her two interests, and I think we succeeded below. A big special thanks to Dave McLaughlin for assisting, Maris for doing an incredible job with the makeup, and Nimai for watching over us to make sure we didn't break anything (we almost passed that last point). Also, many thanks to Fab'rik and the property management people at the Hill Country Galleria for helping us create some memorable images for Hayli.

050309-1.jpg 050309-2.jpg