Headshot Shootout 2 is a wrap!

Saturday was my second Headshot Shootout, and it was a blast. Literally a blast - the wind was absolutely crazy! We started at the same office building we shot at last time, but this time we got kicked out. Apparently, a wedding was about to take place. Who gets married at an office building at 10 in the morning? We never saw a bride, or a groom for that matter. :) So, we headed up to street level and knocked out some shots, and they came out great! Big props to my assistant Chris, as well as my friend Ben, who came by to just say hello and ended up being put to work.

Austin Headshot Photographer Image 1Austin Headshot Photographer Image 2

While we were shooting, a bike race was happening, and I caught this shot of Lance Armstrong riding by.

Austin Headshot Photographer Image 3