I Should Have Taken The Hit

On Monday, I was out playing football with Brandon. He was loving me throwing the ball straight up in the air, and then catching it. At one point, I threw the ball up and my wedding ring came flying off. I saw it out of the corner of my eye, but then I became preoccupied with the ball coming down and hitting me on my head, so I missed where the ring landed. I should have taken the hit. For almost two days I was out in the yard, looking under plants and bushes, and using a child's metal detector that I picked up. I couldn't find it anywhere. I did tests with quarters which showed the ring going behind me, which was backwards from where I thought it would have gone.  

Yesterday evening, I was getting desperate so I tracked down some people from the Austin Metal Detectors Club. Yes, there is actually a club for that! This morning, Larry and Lee came over with their gear and started searching. Within 8 minutes they found the ring right where it should be! There were probably 3 or 4 people searching that exact area in the last 2 days.


I offered them money, and they refused! After additional poking and prodding, they finally accepted it and promised to use it for their club. If you ever lose something, these are the people to call! And don't forget to pray to St. Anthony, who is the patron saint of all things lost. He and I have become good friends.