Inspiration from Atlanta

Photographer Zack Arias out of Atlanta has been carving a niche for himself. Not in the way of 'he's a black and white photographer', or 'he's the guy to go to when you want high fashion images', although I am sure he excels at both of those. Rather, Zack is becoming an inspiration provider, if that's even a term.

His blog posts and videos deal as much with who & what you are as a person, aside from what your f-stop is. The first video I saw from him dealt with the pain of his dying father, and how that tragedy fits in the context of one's life.

Today, he posted an interview with a door-to-door salesman who knocked on his door to sell soap. Your first thought (and mine) might be 'Oh jeez. I have to listen to some guy rant on about how this is the perfect soap.' Well, watch the whole video. By the end of it, you will want to buy a case of soap from this guy. Not because he's a well-rehearsed salesman, or because the cleaner is anything different than you could find on a weekend trip to the grocery store. Rather, because this salesman understands the gifts that God has given him, the challenges he faces, and how we all have to accept our own gifts and challenges.

Spend 5 minutes watching this - it will open your eyes. And the read all the comments here.