Ok so the plan was to not wait in line for a stupid new iPhone 3G. However, at some point on Friday, I happened to find myself inside Barton Creek Mall in front of the Apple Store because I...needed an oil change. Anyways, the line was crazy, and I thought there was no way I would stand in line there for hours on end, wondering if they would be out of phones before I got to the front.

Then, a cool Apple store employee named Jessica got in line. She had just finished her shift at the store (starting around 6am I believe). She gave me the heads up that there were plenty of phones inside and that I should have no problem. So I decided to stay.

5 and a half hours later, I had a new phone (but not an oil change). I have to say that I really like it, and I've already downloaded a couple of applications that I really enjoy!

Today, I came across this parody of the new iPhone and thought you might like to see it.