I've been Simpsonized!

When you get a moment, check out www.simpsonizeme.com. It will take a picture that you upload and convert it into a Simpsons character! How cool is that? You can make fine-tuning adjustments to get the look a little closer as well. Now, the site is slow and sometimes you get a "we're too busy" message, but keep trying. Also, I wasn't able to download the final image, so I just took a screen capture of it as displayed on their site. A pain, yes, but worth it.

Here's the whole family sans Lisa/B-Man (there was no option of adding another person to the scene). I've identified the animals for you :)

 I'm heading to San Antonio this weekend to see a friend and catch up on my xbox time (I haven't turned the machine on since April I think). We'll be catching the simpsons movie too, and I am looking forward to a few good laughs!