Jenn, Hayes, And The World Championship of Style

Jenn and Hayes are on to something. They've started a business based around internet shopping called Appozite, and they've just released the first website under the new brand ( In case you missed hearing about it, Zitefight pits 2 pictures against each other, with one voted as the most stylish! Users upload their pictures (or, 'fighters') to compete, and the community votes on them.

Jenn asked me to take some new portraits of her to promote her business, and so we set up at her house in front of a cool bookshelf that was decorated with multiple colors. Her husband Hayes, who is the technical marvel of the company, sat in for a few shots as well.


Every hip person needs to understand the history of hip.



Love this one!


After a few shots, Hayes retreated to the lair to get back to work!


Head on over to ZiteFight. You might find a couple of Brandon, Trevor, and Lisa fighters, all vying for the top position!