Juli and Will

Sunday night was rockin at the beautiful Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin as Will and Juli got married! Check out how beautiful Juli is in her dress!

This view is out on the terrace of their room overlooking 6th street!

I would hate to be the guy that had this thing charging at them.

The dramatic lighting added so much to this special father-daughter dance.

This cake topper has been handed down through a couple of generations!!

Since there were a bunch of U.T. grads there, we rounded up as many as we could for a group shot. Any cries of "boomer sooner" were quickly quashed.

This little boy was adorable! If there wasn't actually a wedding, we would probably all stand around and watch him all night. He played and laughed with everyone, and his parents were so gracious to bring him out late into the evening for this shot on the miniature chairs!