Kathryn + Mike

After shooting Kathryn's downtown bridal session a month ago, I was very excited to see what kind of cool images we could create for their wedding. They were married yesterday at Nature's Point, which overlooks Lake Travis. It's a bit of a hike to get there from Austin, but the view is unmatched by any other venue.

Mike and Kathryn's families were amazing - a lot of fun and having a great time. In particular, I enjoyed chatting it up with both of their moms who were very proud of their children and excited for their new life together.

Here are some shots from the event. Let's start with one of my favorite images of all time. We'll call it "Bridal Party Playing Poker". I am pretty sure that someday it will surpass "Dogs Playing Poker" as the de facto felt artwork sold on street corners across the nation.


Kathryn's dress was beautiful:


Here she had just received a letter from Mike.


Spring had definitely kicked in at Nature's Point.



The guys looked great and were quite relaxed.


I think the ladies are ready to audition for America's Next Top Model.


There were some crazy group shots going on! I am not sure what's more interesting in this one - grandpa holding part of the dress, or the guy in blue in the back-right who looks a little young for whatever he's drinking.



Congrats to Kathryn and Mike - enjoy your honeymoon!