Leopard is Here!

After a few years, Apple has released their new operating system, Leopard. I thought I wouldn't be in a rush to pick it up, but some free time yesterday and a stop at the mall for some workout gear placed me smack in front of the Apple store.Most people install right over their current OS, but I like to set aside a separate drive just so that I can always go to my other drive if something messes up.So far, I am impressed with the speed of things - it is certainly a noticeable improvement. After a few hours I have two machines updated, and Lisa will be looking for an update soon as well :)So if you pass an Apple store/Best Buy, stop and check it out!


In other news, we'll be doing more Brandon/Trevor shots in the next few days, plus I have a cool trash-the-dress session coming up mid-week. So stay put! :)