Lisa is Published!!! (sort of)

Last year, we were in Oklahoma visiting family, and we happened upon a fundraising event put on by Lisa's sister-in-law, Melissa. It was a great evening meeting new people! There was an auction too, and one of the items being offered involved having your name written into a novel by New York Times best-seller, Sharon Sala (herself from Oklahoma).


Lisa won the auction, and we were so excited about it! Flash-forward several months later, and a copy of the book arrives at our doorstep - too cool! We haven't read the whole thing yet, but we did find a pivotal chapter in the beginning of the book where we met Lisa, her two sons (Brandon and Trevor), and some (apparently) good-looking dude that she happens to run into at the bank.


"She might be married, but she wasn't dead and the man was stunning." - haha. I will have to remember that line!

You can get her book, The Warrior, here at Amazon! Thank you Sharon!