Looking for a few good assistants

I'm looking for some additional assistants for shoots in Austin. These are for portrait shoots (not weddings), and the work usually involves helping me set up and break down at each location. Of course we have a lot of fun! So, do you think you might be interested? Well first, the standard disclaimer! Here's a shot from the new Photog Ride at Disney, and pretty much every warning here applies to my shoots:


Here are some video stills from recent shoots, so you can get an idea of the equipment, stands, etc.


Depending on the client's needs/timeframe/etc, we'll sometimes have a laptop for them to view images on as the pictures are taken.


I usually have everything loaded onto a rolling cart, which we can push around. The heaviest gear is the c-stand, which sometimes makes an appearance. If shoots are indoors, we can usually get away with some hot shoe flashes like the 580 ex.

Shooting times can be any time of day, inside or out. And the most important part - these are paying jobs! :) So, if you are interested and would like to chat about it, feel free to send me an email at doggett //at// doggettstudios.com. Or, if you are viewing this on Facebook or the fan page, send me a message there.