Making the Right Choices

Allen is on a mission to get fit. When he found me last month, he had a very interesting story. Here's a guy that, for years, had been making the wrong choices regarding food. And he knew it. Too much fast food, not enough exercise. No energy to do anything. It had started to affect him to the point where he didn't even know if he was going to live much longer. I can't imagine what that level of helplessness feels like: being trapped in a pattern that you can't break free of, even if you want to. Enter my friend Linda Wagner. She's a nutritionist here in Austin.  Allen reached out to her, and she's been helping him get on track. He has made amazing progress since they started working together, already dropping 80 lbs and making better food choices.

Allen asked if we could take some pictures to serve as 'before' images. We headed to a local track where he brought plenty of props. In the shot below, I believe he's holding kale. Something I should be eating more of, I am sure.

Down the road, we'll do another session to show his progress. He's got more work to do, but is determined to get there. In fact, his determination is contagious; I found myself wanting to improve areas of my life just based on his will to improve his.

I can't wait to see the progress he and Linda make over the next several months. If a person can improve themselves physically through sheer determination, surely we can all find a way to improve some small part of our lives. A part that doesn't require as much work. Or as much kale. :)

Good luck, Allen. We'll create amazing shots soon.

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