Matt The Graduate

Matt just graduated from the University of Texas. With a degree in Neuroscience. Neuroscience, people. I have to stop and think whether I even spelled that word correctly.  

During graduation, Matt had his picture taken while receiving his diploma. Sometimes those shots can leave you wanting more (ok, all the time), so he asked about doing a shoot to celebrate his achievement. He had heard about me from his excellent girlfriend, Tavaner, who I've been chatting with about handling some of the PR/marketing/underground-viral-buzz-factor aspects of the studio. I was excited to do this shoot, and the only thing that almost killed it for today was the weather. Wind gusts were pretty strong, and I was worried about lighting equipment falling over and smashing. Thankfully, Dave (who is an excellent photographer) was there to assist for the shoot, so everything was under control.


We started shooting downtown, and then ended up at the Lincoln Center. Matt did everything we asked, including jumping out in the street, with his back to oncoming traffic. That's dedication. It felt like the scene from Wayne's World. Someone to yell "car!", followed by "game on!".


After I got home I noticed the glint of a white spray-paint star shape right next to his head in this first shot.  Sometimes you get these 'happy accidents'.