Miscellaneous Monday

I hope you had a great weekend! Here are some happenings and cool things I've come across:

  • I was happy to see the Irish (barely) win, and was surprised by Cal and Miami. And Tebow - wow - that looked quite painful. Go Horns!
  • Headshot Shootout 2 is coming October 24th! Bring your face and we'll shoot it. For the full details, see the post below or head over to HeadshotShootout.com
  • The crew over at Folio Hunt have featured some of my work. Be sure to check out their site and look through some of the other photographers. There are some great sites there worth bookmarking.
  • Big props to my friend Kristen Roedner, who's fundraising event today called "Dance Off Your Worries" raised over $1,700 for the Wonders and Worries organization, which helps children cope with severely ill parents. You can make a donation to their efforts here. It was also great to see Shannon and Lisa at the event.
  • Heather Morton, a freelance Art Buyer in Toronto, Canada included my behind-the-scenes video from the KLBJ shoot last year in a collection of videos on her blog. There are some good ones there (my favs are 90 Seconds with Mikhail Gorbachev and The Diner).