Mozzarella Night!

This week we paid another visit to the excellent D'Vine Wine in Lakeway. In case you are out of the loop, D'Vine Wine helps you make your own wine! They help you mix all the ingredients the way that you like it, and in a few weeks you've got enough for over 20 bottles (which they graciously supply with your own custom label!).

This week, they held one of their mozzarella tasting parties, and it was awesome. Being half-Italian, I am pretty particular about my mozzarella cheese. Thankfully, D'Vine didn't disappoint. They brought in someone from Mandolas Market who knew his mozzarella. He went through all of the steps for preparing it.

First, you start with good mozzarella curd:


Make sure you have a good crowd watching:


Temperature is critical! And after a little bit of attention, you get Sumo Wrestler Underwear!


The final result - mahvelous mozzarella!