One on One, Part One.

Debbie emailed me last November from Atlanta. She's a wedding photographer and was looking for ways to change things up in her lighting and the post-processing of her work (including her portrait work as well). A "creative bootcamp", as she put it, in her initial email. She asked if I did any workshops. I didn't have any plans for one anytime soon. She began suggesting that she be a 'guinea pig' for a full-day one-on-one training thing. We emailed back and forth, and it finally worked out this past Friday. She came into town and we spent all day covering lighting and post production. I had no secrets - we opened every image she wanted and I discussed in detail what I was thinking on set and I how I did the work in Photoshop afterwards. We talked about lighting modifiers, how they affect the light, and how to get more efficient use out of her gear. We also enjoyed an Italian lunch at Mandola's. I probably would have been there that day anyways because I like fresh mozzarella (being half-Italian and all).

Debbie showed up with images that she wanted to discuss, and she took great notes:

And I made use of a whiteboard to, well, "sketch" things:

It was a great time! I could see doing it again.