One Week To Italy!!

We are leaving for Italy exactly one week from today! We're very excited, but I am a bit nervous about keeping Brandon under control on the plane each way. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know! We will be hitting Rome, Florence, Pisa, and Santa Margarita on this trip. I am half-Italian and have relatives in Sicily, but I am not sure we will make it down there this time. However, there will be lots of picture-taking, and you can plan on seeing some of the shots shortly after our return (10 days later).

I plan on turning some of the pictures into paintings using some software/techniques that I've learned over the years, having them printed on canvas and then mounting them inside some of our art niches! We're definitely going for the Tuscan look inside, and I think if I can capture that well in Italy, it can add a lot to our home!