Parading around on the 4th

Lisa volunteered to run our neighborhood parade/ice cream social today, and she did a great job! We did a short parade down a few streets and then relaxed with some ice cream. It was good to see everyone from the neighborhood and catch up on what they were up to. At first it looked like the rain was going to shut us out, but the skies opened about an hour before start time. That's B-Man below leading the way on his tricked-out, 4th-of-july custom red racer.

A three-car police escort from the constable added a great touch.

This kid had the right idea!

We had a face-painter as well! Her name is Arvis, and she did a great job. If you need a painter for an upcoming event, give her a ring!

Here's the B-Man settling down after about 3 ice cream sandwiches and too much parade craziness.