Paying It Forward With Kristen & Family

Several months ago, a big shot wedding photographer named John Michael Cooper, along with his equally-excellent wife Dalisa, paid a visit to Austin as part of their nationwide tour. I was very happy to be able to host the event, and the turnout was great.  

As part of that tour, he came up with the idea of roadside family portraits. At each stop, he would take a family shot near a road. Each person held something that was special to them, and they all had to be touching in some way. John photographed our family, and you can see that portrait here. The only thing we had to do in return was provide the same service for another photographer's family.


Kristen, a photographer-friend that I recently met on Facebook, has a photography studio with a very catchy name: Faux Toes. I asked if she would be interested in the Pay It Forward project, and she was very excited. Yesterday, I photographed her and her wonderful family, including Don, their daughter Rosie, Rosie's big-sister Sara (who lives out of state) and their awesome dog Hank.

You can learn more about the Roadside Families portrait series by clicking here!