Pics from Lisa and Cindy's Team-In-Training Fundraiser!

Lisa and our friend Cindy held a fundraiser for their upcoming Team In Training Half-Marathon race last weekend! Team In Training is an organization that raises money for Leukemia and Lymphoma, and they will train you for specific races. In exchange, you have to raise a certain amount of money to cover your airfare/hotel/etc for the race. All that money then goes into TNT to help fight cancer.

Lisa and Cindy raised almost $2,000 at their event - awesome! It was a Margarita Contest party at the community pool, and they had raffle prizes, silent auction items and more!

I had donated one discounted photo session, but after it was snatched up some other people asked about getting in at the same price. By the end of the party, 8 families had signed up for sessions - too cool!

Everyone had a great time, and I am pretty sure that Lisa and Cindy hit their fundraising goal with this event! Here are a couple shots.

The classic shot - I've emailed a copy to Child Protective Services:


'Why yes, it is funny to open the gate!'



Poor Fritz. Little does he know that this shot has a very good chance of ending up on his graduation announcement.



"And so, you want to buy here and sell here. Not the other way around"


Trevor crashes from all the excitement.