Post-Christmas Wind Down!!

Wow - what a blur!! Christmas totally rocked this year! The big scorer this year was definitely the B-Man. At 18 months old, he is prime-age for heavy gift-giving by relatives. Here he's checking out a pirate toy and deciding out the best way to open it:

Next up, the gift to end all gifts: Tickle Me Elmo Extreme. Lisa ordered this waaaayy back in the spring. When they quoted a December ship date, a lot of people bailed thinking they could find it sooner somewhere else. But Lisa hung in there, and now we will be hearing this toy every day :)

At one point, the camera was on the floor. Brandon walked up to it and took this amazing self-portrait. I believe it's award-worthy:

Here's Lisa sporting a nice necklace Santa brought her:

Later in the day, we headed over to Linda's house (Lisa's mom) for some serious Christmas grub.
Our relatives Caleb and Jacob surprised us with an outfit for B-Man with their pictures on it. They were also sporting the same images on their shirts as well! This was way cool, and Brandon will definitely appreciate it some day later in life!