Recent Humor Work

If you are a photographer, you've probably had the idea of personal projects beaten into your head over and over again. I sure have. And since I love humor in photography, if I am going to take the time to do a personal/portfolio shoot, it's definitely going to involve some laughing (in my head, at least). Here's some humor work that  I've wrapped up recently. I was fortunate on these shoots to have an excellent team - Natalie Ogura, who produced as well as handled all set styling, and Matthew Johnson, who assisted and made sure my lights didn't fall over and whack the models.

The location for the cat shoot was found via Home Away. It, like other vacation rental websites, is a great way to find a location that is unique to your town. For the treadmill shot, we located an Austin home which had the perfect wood-panelled wall. It was right in the middle of being renovated, so we literally had a window of a few hours before the wall was gone!