Secrets of Cinderella's Room

We just wrapped up a Disney World vacation, and something that has always interested me is the mystery surrounding the room in Cinderella's castle. In case you don't know, there is a single room in one of the spires of the castle. You can't rent it or request it - you can only be invited to stay there.

During the Year of a Million Dreams (2008), the rumor was that every day a computer randomly picked a family to stay in the room. It would select guests by picking random seats on a random ride at a random time of day. Additionally, you could also be invited to stay there if some Disney reps felt after talking to you that you were special enough to spend the night.

On this trip, I spoke to two Disney employees who filled me in on some of the details of the room. Unfortunately, I couldn't get in (this time) to see it, but it's a goal of mine :)

Here are some of the unique particulars:

  • The room size is about 750 square feet.
  • All of the work done on the room amounts to 7 million dollars.
  • There is a private elevator for the guests.
  • While many hotels offer a turn-down service with a mint, the service here is quite unique. Each day a white chocolate carriage (complete with white chocolate horses and chocolate-covered strawberries placed inside the carriage) is placed on the bed for the guests.
  • The bathroom's plumbing for the shower/etc consist copper piping exterior to the walls (i.e. not behind the walls).
  • The jacuzzi tub in the bathroom features a light display that swirls when water is running, creating a rainbow effect.
  • Over the jacuzzi tub in the bathroom is a fiber-optic starfield ceiling.
  • All of the furniture is antique or mahogany.
  • All guests get complimentary breakfast and dinner (the latter in the castle restaurant).
  • There are two stained-glass windows in the room. One faces FantasyLand, and the other faces Liberty Square.
  • There is no access to any of the roof levels for walking around/watching fireworks/etc.
  • The room includes a remote-controlled fireplace.
  • There is a mirror mirror on the wall which contains a plasma tv inside of it.
  • There are 2 beds plus a pull-out bed.
  • Up to 7 people could stay in the room, but there's only 1 bathroom.
  • Checkout is at 11 am.

Note: As I was about to publish this post, I came across this site that has some pictures of the room. Apparently Disney had a few days last year where they opened up the room to 15 minute tours for some park visitors!